MLS Medallion Club
MLS Medallion Club
January 29, 2021 by Cassidy



Congratulations to all the agents who have made it in this past year’s MLS Medallion Club, ranking in the top 10% of REALTORS in Greater Vancouver!

To make it in this club, you have to do a lot of business. By industry standards, you have a lot of clients who respect what you do and that respect is largely also embraced by your peers. You are a leader in this competitive industry, recognized as having the top sales in the industry by a combination of volume and number. It is even more-so an accomplishment to make it in this club year after year showing consistency and an incredible amount of focus.

Mastery in any industry is doing your reps; the more business you do, the more experience you gain and more often than not, the better you become. With that being said, the Medallion Club does only reflect MLS transactions. There are plenty of great agents in our market who do not make this club for a variety of reasons, one of those reasons being they may be focused on other areas of the business like pre-sale or commercial.

At RE/MAX Crest & Masters, we strive to support you in being the best you can be in the industry, whatever your goals. That means keeping you well informed on important industry knowledge and best practices. It means offering systems to help streamline your business, and marketing tools to give you and your client’s listings more exposure.

If you’d like to find out why we have consistently been the home to such a high proportion of MLS Medallion Club agents, schedule a private Zoom or in-person socially distant consultation. You’ll be sure to learn something valuable for your business and gain insight into what the leading brand in the industry is doing to stay competitive.

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