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“When I was growing up in North Vancouver,

my friend’s father Bob would shout, “We live here! Just look at this place!” as we drove over Lions Gate Bridge. I remember looking around to see what all the fuss was about and there it was: the mountains backlit by an electric blue sky, the ocean shimmering below, and sailboats dotting the water’s surface.

I have always remembered Bob’s words, or more importantly, the way in which he said them—Bob was proud, he was in awe. This new perspective opened my eyes to the community in which I lived more clearly: the neighbourhoods, community centres, schools, corner stores, parks, mountains, and the amazing quality of life I enjoyed. As a realtor, I see the value in your home because I see beyond the house—I see everything that surrounds it.”

Mel Montgomery’s North Shore neighbourhood

Mel has traveled to many beautiful places in the world and considers herself one of the lucky few who grew up in Vancouver’s famous North Shore. Mel and her husband Ian raise their two boys in the very community she knows, loves, and promotes. As a mom, a community member, and a real estate professional, Mel has a deep and personal understanding of what is important to you when you are buying or selling a home in her neighbourhood.

Raised on real estate

Mel is proud to say that she was raised on real estate by parents in the business. The legacy of integrity, professionalism and honesty that her family established over 30 years ago at a North Vancouver realty office is something that Mel brings not only to her clients but to whomever she meets.

Bringing 16 years of sales and marketing to your side

With a 16-year background in sales and marketing, Mel knows that attention to detail marks success every step of the way. With Mel at your side, you can be sure that you will have all the information you need to successfully handle your most important investment—your family’s home.



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