Get to Know Denise Salmon: Managing Broker of the Year for RE/MAX in Canada
Get to Know Denise Salmon: Managing Broker of the Year for RE/MAX in Canada
March 26, 2021 by Cassidy

Denise is the Lead Managing Broker for our group of 6 RE/MAX offices, which is no surprise to our team! Denise is a standout leader who takes a holistic approach to business and life. She holds her ground to set a productive and positive tone for her offices. Denise’s approach is all about developing meaningful relationships, offering well-respected leadership, and staying tuned in and up to date in all ways that matter.

Denise is someone who takes time with her agents. She’s approachable, easy to reach, and offers guidance when they need it most, whether that be late-night texts or early morning weekend calls. Denise cares about her agents and shows a genuine interest in their lives, staying connected with them on all the important platforms. She’s also a matchmaker of sorts; she’s created many profitable strategic alignments between her agents because she takes the time to get to know them and understand their businesses.

During the pandemic Denise jumped into gear, getting in front of her agents at least once and often twice a week on Zoom to give them much-needed direction. She even took it upon herself to reach out to RE/MAX International and secured Adam Contos, and Nicky Bailey (RE/MAX Int’l CEO & CCO to over 7000 offices worldwide) to offer an inspiring, timely talk to our group of 500 agents. Through many consistent weeks of video meetings, Denise offered a wealth of relevant content, engaging speakers and experts all positioned to help the agents connect with each other and to support them in delivering creative solutions to their clients

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