Brand Awareness

Everyone knows your name
RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate.1 A brand people know and trust. We’re over 115,000 agents and 7,300 offices in over 100 countries, a greater worldwide presence than any other real estate company.

Our brand is built with an agent-centric approach, designed to attract and retain the best-performing and most experienced agents. The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon communicates a global brand promise and is one of your most effective tools for selling homes.

When you join RE/MAX you’re receiving the benefit of billions of dollars of advertising that have made RE/MAX the real estate leader it is today. Our campaigns in Western Canada include primetime television, pre-roll & YouTube advertising, search & website advertising, weather sponsorship, print advertising, sports marketing, press releases, market reports, media coverage and more! – More than 33 million ads with over 300 million impressions for one season alone!

On top of all that, RE/MAX provides their associates with easy access to the latest marketing materials, including shareable content on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube allowing us to extend the reach even further.

With all that exposure, it’s no wonder nearly 98 percent of homebuyers and sellers know of RE/MAX2!

1 Source: MMR Strategy Group study of unaided awareness
2 Source: MMR Strategy Group

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