RE/MAX, A Culture of Success
RE/MAX, A Culture of Success
December 19, 2020 by Cassidy



I was looking at Facebook posts from RE/MAX CEO, Adam Contos, and reflecting on how much his messages resonate with me and capture the essence of success. Statements like:

“If you were the customer, would you choose you?”

“Complacency is a Trap set for Successful People”

“You can count on the rewards of consistency.”

“Living in fear causes a double conundrum where you’re unfulfilled with the status quo yet afraid to pursue anything better. Don’t let fear lead down the wrong path.”

On pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. “Changes are occurring all around you that can make your skills and competencies obsolete.”

In a world of possibilities, a leader with the right values and mindset makes all the difference. Each of his messages strikes a chord that gets me to consider my own propensity for success. It gets me thinking about the many agents joining our organization each year; all of them willing to step out of their comfort zone and select a brokerage that is set up to help them be the best REALTOR® version of themselves.

As the leader of the RE/MAX network, Adam paves the way, offering meaningful insights and specific direction on what it means to be a ‘master of your craft’. He runs the organization and executes his role with the same best practices he advises agents to implement in their business; he uses video extensively, he uses storytelling to convey his message, he makes good use of social media, he’s authentically himself, he embraces technology in a big way, he actively shares his knowledge, he’s committed to personal and professional development and the list goes on.

The role of a leader is to set the direction; to inspire; the buck stops with them for every important decision within the organization, and this matters. As CEO, Adam is the reason RE/MAX was able to acquire tech companies like ‘booj’ offering a robust agent-driven CRM system and First, an analytics company using 700 data points to help agents mine their database by indicating who might be most likely to buy/sell.

In an article from Real-Trends Adam was asked about an ‘Aha Moment’ in his life:

“Gosh, when it was, I couldn’t tell you, but what it was, I certainly can. And that’s education matters. When people stop learning that stops them iterating on their plan. We have to build systems around our lives. And that went with my learning process. I want to learn more, I want to be better. But how do you do that? Well, you have to have a system and you have to integrate learning into that and that system is how you work your day, your week, your month, your year. And a lot of people call it their business plan, but you know, it’s a system of how you live your daily life and part of that has to be education.”

Successful people leave more than crumbs, it’s more like entire loaves. You just have to pay attention and be open to influence. Being the leader for nearly 50 years we have always faced competitive disruptors, but we have remained constant, and that says something. Choosing a company that comprises 25%-30% of the MLS Medallion Club makes real the assumption that successful people make successful decisions for their business and company selection fits into that.

Are you in this business 100%…or is it more like 60%? 70%? How would you rate yourself? If you were the customer, would you choose you?

When I hear “My brokerage really is just a place to hang my license. My business is all me.” I can’t help but respond: it is until it isn’t. If you truly want to accomplish more in your business, you will with RE/MAX. To benefit from all RE/MAX has to offer, you must be open-minded and willing to be influenced. We have the resources, systems, and people to guide you more easily to success. You must also embrace the uncomfortable; being open to change and the idea that changing your brokerage could change your business in incredible ways. I heard Adam say in a video recently “you have to take risks in order to be better” and I couldn’t agree more. If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Written by: Cassidy Bast, Director of Career Development & Marketing for RE/MAX Crest & Masters. Contact Cassidy at 778-233-0093 or [email protected] for a private consultation on how RE/MAX can support you in your career to achieve new levels of success.

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